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Our Menus

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Grab & Go

Freshly made, pre-packaged items and vegan bakery products available in the coffee shop.

Food Truck


Impossible Burger $9
Beyond Sausage $9
TVP Sloppy Joe Quesadilla (GF if ordered on corn tortilla) $9
Black Bean Burrito $8
Falafel Roti or Salad (Salad is GF) $8
Baja Tacos $8
Tempeh Reuben $8
Carolina BBQ Dog $5
Ultimate Dog $5
Classic Dog $3


Black Beans & Rice (GF) $4
Loaded Tater Tots $4
Mac & Cheese $4
Yucca Frita w/Mojo (GF) $4
Tater Tots $3


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Dad’s Bar

Open Friday 4:30pm-9pm, Saturday 3pm-9pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm.

Check our calendar for events and shows happening on the bus stage.

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